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Tanya has worked in other tour companies before ending up with Tallinn Traveller Tours and with her knowledge and wits, we are happy she found us!

She is a fan of contrasts. After living in Tallinn for years, she spent a year in Tokyo as well. - 400 000 people in Tallinn feels like a medium sized village in comparison! She is also probably the only local in Tallinn who enjoys the contrast of the weathers of Estonia and can somehow find joy in the sun setting at 3PM in December or a sudden snowfall in the middle of June.

Tanya is a fan of different languages and can give directions and order coffee in nine languages, fluently speak about half of those. She is fluent in Japanese, Estonian, English and Russian. She is currently studying Japanese language and culture but previously Tanya was a major of applied chemistry, all of this adds up to quite a wide array of knowledge from very different fields.

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"Amazing tour tailored for our needs"

An amazing tour of Tallinn with Tanya, tailored for our needs (a 7 year old with an avid interest in history but short legs!). Extremely friendly and pleasant tour guide, can't recommend her or the company enough!

"Feel like the stories come from someone who really lives the history"

We booked the 3h Old Town tour with Tatjana on Aug 2, 2015. I must say that Tatjana is an awesome tour guide. She demonstrated deep knowledge of Tallinn history, with a lot of personal touch, which made it feel like the stories come from someone who really lives the history. After taking the tour with Tatjana, Tallinn definitely occupies a very special spot in my heart, and I hope to visit it again one day.

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