Triin Senior Tour Guide

Triin has studied Tourism and Hospitality Management and Sales and Marketing Management. She is truly an international citizen - she has studied, lived and worked in six different countries all over the world and traveled to many more.

Besides traveling being her passion, she is also a hobby-chef and a barista as well as a qualified manicure artist even though she has never worked as one. Besides being a tour guide, Triin runs a small business which makes skincare products based on Nordic folk medicine. She is also a big fan of coffee.

Her wide range of interests and hobbies are all fueled by vast quantities of coffee she cannot live without.

Thanks to Triin's experiences in different countries she is great at becoming friends fast with people from all over the world despite language barriers. On her tours she can also teach you some Estonian folk dancing because she has been dancing for 10 years.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"A fascinating trip round Lahemaa"

Triin gave us a fascinating trip round Lahemaa. We learned more about Baltic history than we could have hoped for, and experienced a great variety of places and stories. Thank you very much.

"Totally worth it"

Amazing tour. Amazing guide. Totally worth it.

"Had a really great time on the tour"

We had a really great time on the tour! The nature of Estonia is stunning and really worth a visit!! Our guide, Triin had a lot of interesting stories to tell about the history of Estonia and we learnt a lot. I would definitely do this tour again!

"So different to get out of the city and into nature"

The Tour was amazing! A must-see!! So different to get out of the city and into Estonia's beautiful nature! We heard a lot of great stories and learned a lot about Estonia's history. Our tour guide Triine (I'm probably spelling it wrongly) was lovely. We had a lot of fun with her

"We could see how passionate and energetic Triin is"

Triin with 2 ii's! thank you so much for such a great tour to Lahemaa park. We learned a lot about history of Estonia and saw so many picturesque places within the park. We could see how passionate and energetic you are about your country and your job. Thanks for sharing with us.

"I can only highly recommend this tour"

My husband and I took the Sightseeing Bus Tour from Riga to Tallinn and it was really interesting to learn so much about Latvia and Estonia and getting to see places that we would have missed out on otherwise. Triin, our guide, was truly awesome. She made this trip fun, went out of her way e.g. let us taste a typical Estonian drink and gave us a lot of tips for restaurants, bars, clubs etc. that locals go to so that we had the great chance to get an authentic experience of Tallinn. I can only highly recommend this tour, I would take it again!

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